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“If you haven’t seen the houses in Mykonos, you can’t pretend to be an architect!” –  Le Corbusier

“I will always give an appointment in Mykonos with my inspiration.”” There was a penetration of light into solid substances, so that I seemed to see into things, deep on, and I’ve seen that kind of light only in Greece.” –  John Steinbeck

“Mykonos is a miracle! If you haven’t seen Jerusalem, St. Petersburg and Mykonos, you don’t know what a beautiful city looks like!”  –  Nikos Kazantzakis



Famous for its nightlife and its breathtaking sandy beaches with green-blue waters, the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos basks in the middle of the Aegean Sea, next to Delos.

The birthplace of Apollo, the god of light, shares its radiance and its energy with the humble land of stone next to it. The actual word “Mykonos” derives from the ancient greek words Mykon and themonia, which mean heap of stones. Under the impressive granite formations, according to the myth, are buried the giants killed by Hercules during the Gigantomachy.

The once ridiculed for its poverty island is today antagonizing its historically important sacred neighbor, as it grew its own fanatic audience. People from all around the world cherish it for different and often conflicting reasons. Its dazzling white cuboid houses with colorful wooden shutters, the hundreds of picturesque churches with red domes, the lofty windmills, the mazy whitewashed pebbled narrow alleys, the archaeological remnants and museums, the numerous beaches for every taste, for partygoers, surfers, families and nudists and the equally varied nightlife compose a compelling vacation destination for every traveler.

The colors of the greek flag come to life before the visitors’ eyes: White and blue, light and sea, architecture and nature, warmth and wind combined in a mystic symphony, stimulating all the senses.


Platis Yialos


Platis Yialos (or Platys Gialos) is a cozy little village, 3,5 km from Chora, on the south side of the island. A long sandy beach – with just the right sand, …

fine enough not to stick to your feet -, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas for every taste, crystal clear water, all kinds of water sports and a very well organized resort are what makes Platis Yialos a favorite destination for many holiday repeaters.

The village offers a wide variety of restaurants for every taste and wallet, right on the beach, as well as a couple of minimarkets, a car and moto rental and an ATM (cash machine).

On the right side of the beach is a small jetty, from where the boats leave towards the most famous beaches of the north side: Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari, Paranga and Elia.

From Platis Yialos it is also easy to walk to Psarou Beach and Paranga Beach (preferred choice of nudists). The path to Psarou Beach is about 500 meters on the way to Chora, on the left side, with a lot of stairs going down. Paranga Beach is towards the other direction, 20-30 minutes walking along the coastal path at the end of the beach, on the left side. In the middle of the walk there is another quiet little beach and if you walk further down the path, you reach the beach of Agia Anna.

Near the village, at the location Leto, stand the ruins of three towers of the Hellenistic period.

Platis Yialos is well connected to Mykonos Chora by bus every half hour, until rather late at night, and it takes just eight minutes t get there. And there is always the not very costly alternative of taking a taxi, even though it may be hard to find, especially during high season.

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